October 20, 2020

Top latest SEO Trends you must be knowing in 2020!

Top SEO Trends in 2020 you must be aware of!

          Trends keep on changing, so one must be updated with the latest trends. The same goes for Google, it keeps on changing so does SEO. Webmasters who want to keep their rankings and traffic (and potentially gain even more) are always on the lookout for new ways to beat their competitors, thus setting new SEO trends.

        Living in the Future’ is the only way out to keep your SEO strategy up-to-date.ne of the greatest change in SEO which experts are going to put on a pedestal is Keywords becoming less important.

       As digital trends evolve every year, marketers should always be aware of the changes in order to easily adapt to emerging technologies and stay ahead in the market. This will help them gain a competitive edge and become able to develop new ways to grow their businesses, generate leads and improve the relationship with their existing customers.

Here is the list of top SEO Trends you must know in 2020 to rank your business-

1. Voice Search

       Voice search is getting popular day by day. With an introduction to AI bots like Google assistant, Cortana, Alexa, Siri people are preferring voice search over manual search as not only saves time but also is fast and gets quick answers to your questions. The bigger the mobile Internet grows, the further we get removed from good old orthodox typing.

        Top brands are thinking about how to deliver their promises using voice-enabled devices because they are affordable and offer greater capabilities than ever before while more visitors are using voice search to interact with these brands. It is said that by 2020, half of all online traffic will be coming from spoken queries.


2. Video Content Optimization

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     Internet users today prefer watching video content rather than written content. Today’s webmasters must concentrate more on video content. The consumers who are using mobile data, a large percentage of that data is being consumed for audio and video content. It is expected that by 2021, 78% of the mobile data will be consumed on Video. With this, we would have to think about how we can optimize video content to meet the standards of search engines. In other words, Video SEO will become one of the most important SEO trends in 2019.


3. Quality Content

        Content will always top the list in terms of optimization. Content affects everything in SEO, from your site structure and internal linking strategy to the types of links you build. As said Content is King, high-quality content will open a path to high Google rankings.

     When users do a Google search, they hope to find something that will satisfy their needs 100% and then some more. When you take the users’ search intent into account, you can prepare a piece of content that does exactly that. Try avoiding duplication of content and be original. The more informative and quality content, the more visitors on your website and it will be easy for visitors to read and understand the content.


4. Mobile Friendly

      Think Mobile first for Google’s mobile-first index. Mobile users are increasing day by day. Users are surfing the internet more on mobile devices rather than on desktop devices. Since the number of mobile users is only going to increase in the future, Google recommends everyone to create websites that are responsive and produce high-quality on every device.

      Websites are now ranked based on the quality of UX they provide on mobile devices. If a site has mobile and desktop versions, the index adds the mobile one; if there’s only the desktop version, it gets indexed the same as normal. You must have a mobile-friendly version of your site, or else Google will index something you can’t show to mobile users.


5. Structured Data

      We know high-quality content will be important in 2020. However, algorithms still don’t fully understand the context. So we need to give search engines “hints” to better understand and deliver results, based on a searcher’s intent, said Jeremy Knauff, CEO, Spartan Media. This means structuring the data in a way that helps search engines to better understand not only what is on a page, but also how each element relates to other elements on the page, and how that page relates to other pages within the website,” Knauff said.

     Ultimately, you want to be understood, found by your customers through any channel and be well-positioned to take advantage of future features from Google and other structured data consumers like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and AI Chatbots.


6. Social Media

      Social Media platforms are being widely used by billions of people over the world. With the help of such Social media platforms like FB, Insta, Linkedin, Twitter, etc one can connect to billions of people through the internet.

     Because social media will play a huge role in SEO in 2019, social channels will keep on increasing their depth to integrate with Search. Not just in terms of more content being indexed and Google’s ranking, but also in a form where users can use these social media channels like search engines themselves.


7. Link Building

       Link building is a very major factor in terms of SEO. Get links from high DA sites that can help you rank your website at the top and help you drive quality and quantity traffic. Google has been continually dialing in the penalties for spammy or poor link-building practices. Some sites even saw negative ranking impacts in 2019 from poor link-building practices dating all the way back to seven or eight years ago (the algorithm is finally catching up to sketchy things that were done years ago). Disavows continue to be an effective way to clean up your link profile and restore lost rankings in Google. So always remember to avoid poor spammy links and try building high power backlinks.


8. Artificial Intelligence

      AI technology has massive potential. It’s little wonder businesses are actively looking for ways to use it in their work. The same goes for Google, and if (or rather when) they figure out how to make it work, it will inevitably affect SEO.

      For many businesses, AI is becoming an essential component to a range of strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. As an example of how artificial intelligence could be integrated into Google’s ranking algorithm, it can be used to more effectively sniff out websites practicing black-hat SEO.

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